April 2009 pictures


With the Wharf under the posession of the council and the Trust, work commenced with a vengeance.  The work was a combination of clearing rubbish from the site, trimming back trees and shrubs and also investigating the original path of the canal walls.  Pictures are shown below.

A request ...

Now that work is gaining momentum, and as an immediate neighbour of the Wharf, I would ask that all visitors and volunteers respect our privacy and our boundaries with the Wharf.  If you saw your neighbour peering over your fence / walking in your garden / trimming your boundaries etc then I am sure you would be equally miffed.  Thank you !

Sign of the times !  Eric Cox (S&N Trust manager) wasn't too keen on the wording - perhaps this will be changed ?  Mr Knight at the Villa wasn't too happy that the council had planted the sign directly in front of his house (on his land) and with Eric's help this was moved further down ....

... to the entrance of the Wharf ! (thanks for your quick response Eric).

Looking a lot tidier than it has done in the last 50 years (at least).  The breeze block fence is the border with the Villa - fence is property of the Villa.

Looking North towards the Wharf buildings.

Searching for a break in the water supply.  

The Wharf manager's building on the left and signs of the original canal edging.

Looking West at the main Wharf building.  The canal edge runs around from the North West edge of the Villa's back boundary.

Edging uncovered from the main Wharf building heading towards the skew bridge.  Note the "wiggle" !

Stepd from the canal level to the top of the bridge (previously covered by all sorts of broken mechanical digger parts and oil cans - a great improvement !).

The canal edge on the left heaing West to the skew bridge ...

... and there's one on the right too !  Note railway edging - we think this is to protect the barges ?

Looking down from the skew bridge.  Note the "cutaway" in the line of the bricks - it seems likely that there was a lockgate here of sorts, probably to enable repairs to the canal and or bridge ?  Any ideas folks ?

View form the (re-)cleared Widehole basin.

The Wharf buildings.

Another look down on what was once water ...  again, note kinks in the line of the brickwork.

Wear and tear caused by the Nissen hut which is secured to the main Wharf building.

View looking South from the bottom of the skew bridge.

More brickwork exposed after several years.

View of Wharf buildings from the top of the skew bridge.  Plaque is from the European Fund when the bridge was rebuilt some 20+ years ago.

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