February 2006 pictures


On 4th / 5th Feb 2006, volunteers from the S&N Trust cleared towards the Shrewsbury end of the canal and also erected Wappenshall's "fingerpost".  Pictures are shown below.

Erection of Fingerpost on 4th Feb 2006.  

Tam Hazan is doing the spadework !

"Wap" back on the map !

The three way junction.

Some volunteers by the top of the bridge

Clearance work starting down the Shrewsbury Arm.

Widehole basin just visible behind the tall reeds

Canal heading down Shrewsbury Arm

"You'll have someone's eye out with that !"

Pulling chopped branches through into the neighbouring field for later clearance.

View from a bridge crossing the canal some 200m from Wappenshall Junction, looking down Shrewsbury Arm.

View towards Wappenshall from Shrewsbury Arm

Another view towards Wappenshall from Shrewsbury Arm - now some 350m from Wappenshall Junction.

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