The History of Wappenshall


  The history of Wappenshall stems from 1830 when the area was somewhat busier than it is today !  

  The newly opened Shrewsbury & Newport canal provided an invaluable commercial link for transport of goods.  The canal was designed by Thomas Telford who also had a hand in the design and construction of some of Wappenshall's buildings, including The Villa and The Wharf.  This section gives you some photos of the canal and the buildings, both as they were in the 1960s and as they are now.  Also shown is the 1841 tithe apportionment and maps.  

  A big "thank you" goes to Col M P Burton, the previous owner of The Villa (1962 to 1997).  Mike provided the majority of the pre-97 photographs shown on this site.  Click on a photo to continue.

The Villa

The Wharf


The Canal





Tithe Apportionment




Who lived at the Villa ?