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Here we have a look at the whole JS collection.  But before we do, what makes Joe so good ?  Firstly, amazing speed.  Joe can move up at down the fret board at the speed of light.  But unlike other fast guitarists (Vai, Malmsteem, Takasaki) he doesn't do it at the expenses of losing the melodies and basic structure of the song; the fast bits are accents to the tunes.

Secondly, great song writing ability.  Some of Joe's songs (e.g. Love Thing) are the modern equivalent of Mozart's requiems.  Beautifully written, constructed and played.  Look at the tablature of some of Joe's work and you'll understand the Mozart equivalence.  The odd bend here, careful muting, pinching the odd harmonic mid note.  It's Musical Art.

Finally, it's the amazing range of Joe's music.  Some heavy-let-it-rip.  Some mid paced riffs.  Some songs are almost classical (think John Williams with attitude!).  Expert and innovative use of the whammy bar, wah pedal and divebombs galore.

As at 2006, Joe has completed 12 studio albums plus a host of live collections, G3 collaborations and DVDs.  I've also managed to fall on a couple of excellent bootleg albums !

Studio Albums

Super Colossal (2006)

Is there love in space ? (2004)

Strange beautiful music (2002)

Engines of creation (2000)

Crystal Planet (1998)

Joe Satriani (1995)

Time Machine (1993)

The Extremist (1992)

Flying in a Blue Dream

Dreaming # 11 (1988)

Surfing with the Alien (1987)

Not of this Earth (1986)

Compilations, Live Albums and "Extras"

The Electric Joe Satriani
An Anthology (2003)

Live in San Francisco (2001)

Additional Creations (2000)

The Beautiful Guitar (1993)


Live in Tokyo (2005)

(CD and DVD)

Rockin' in the free world (2004)

(CD and DVD)

The Satch Tapes (2003/1993)

(DVD / Video)

G3 Live in Concert (1997)

(CD and Video)

Bootlegs !

Live in Paris (1990)


Live in Manchester (1993)