The Shrewsbury and Newport Canals



Here are some pictures of the way the canal was in 1960 (or so), before the pumps were turned off and the canal left to dry up.  The "widehole" still exists as a natural pond and is home to many ducks and game birds.

The picture below was taken in 1960 or thereabouts when the Wharf was used as a coal depot.  Note path of road over the now (disused) bridge.  The Canal passed the front of Wharf House (heading to the incline plane at Trench) but was later rerouted as a storm drain when the canal dried up.  

The old canal path to the bridge now runs through the garden of Wharf house.  Note the bridge where the road used to be is now private property as part of Wharf House.   


The "widehole" around 1960.  This would have been used as a turning area.  The skew bridge is lined with iron railings to stop ropes snagging; barges could be turned in all three possible directons without untying the horses that pulled the barges.  Clever stuff !

  The shrewsbury canal, 1962.

  The Wharf buildings are on the right of the photograph.


The canal as it passes under the Wharf, joining the "widehole" at the far end. The canal also passes to the right of the Wharf (as shown) passing under the skew bridge (and again into the widehole).

 The guilotine lock during the very cold winter of 1962 !


Close up of guillotine lock.

  The Wharf from canal side.