The Future of the Canal



  The Shrewsbury and Newport Canals Trust have undertaken a feasability study to look at the likely development of the canal over the coming years.  Please see their website for full details and up to date developments.  The link is

  S&N Trust has kindly agreed that we may post the Wappenshall development ideas on this site, and they are shown below.  Note that these are preliminary sketches and will be subject to changes as required (in particular, the tow path is not on the side of The Villa and we would like, as residents, the car park sited away from the warehouse).  

  Red Row homes have made proposals to develop Wappenshall into a large village with 1800 homes.  Fortunately these have been rejected (at least initially) by the local government on grounds that the area is "green belt" and outside the development boundary of Telford.  The local Parish Council at Eyton have also unanimously rejected these proposals.

  If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at

Proposed development sketch 1

Marina Village - Note the whole development may be situated further south next to the A442.

Aerial photo of the canal intersection and buildings

Jan 2006.